Descendants to some settlers in Västerbotten

The maps illustrates the impact of the “Örträsk Finns” on the interior of Västerbotten by three maps showing how their descendants spread. It is based on the database Kråken which is not compleatly finished for all of Västerbotten but it can anyway give a rough picture of how they spread over the land. For illustration three of the founding fathers are used namely:

  • Johan Philipsson Hilduinen ca 1620-1697
  • Mårten Hindersson ca 1625-1697
  • Erik ca 1640 only known from his two sons Erik and Håkan

The first map shows the proportion of the persons born 1890-1930 who descend from them. Most people around Örträsk and the migration routes to the north-west along the river valleys descend from them.

The second map shows the proportion of the men born 1890-1930 that has an unbroken paternal line to them. The biggest surprice is that about 6% of the men in Lycksele and Bjurholm has Erik on the paternal line. Many in the region must have the interesting haplogroup Q-L804 that he had.

The third map shows the proportion of DNA estimated coming from each founding father. Erik has more than one in Lycksele which implies that many have several lines back to him. Lastly I have added maps for:

  • Lars Olofsson Finland? ca 1610 (Descendats settled in e.g. Brattsbacka, Nordmaling)
  • Henrik Jonsson ca 1590 Nästvattnet, Gudmundrå (Father to Mats and Mårten Hindersson. Mats daugthers Ella and Brita married Erik and Håkan Ersson whos descendants are plenty)
  • Pål Pålsson ca 1590 Stigsjö, Viksjö finnmark

Data also here according to the Kråken database.

The settlers shown here are members of the northernmost part of the Forrest Finn settlements. The map below is based on Maude Westins map Maude Westins map. The blue cirkles denotes Knaften and Örträsk.